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CIET Regiment 6 graduates CST

By: Katie McGuire

Congratulations to the 223 cadets who completed their Cadet Initial Entry Training this morning. Cadets from the 6th regiment participated in the end of camp graduation ceremony this morning.

The cadets, who began training on July 3rd, have completed their 29 day mandatory training in their next step to becoming future army officers. The types of training these cadets did included rifle training, marching, gas chamber, rappel tower, and many more events that shape an officer in the United States Army.

After cadets of 6th regiment lined up in formation the ceremony began with the presentation of the command, invocation, and honors to the nation. During these parts, officers were recognized in attendance and a prayer was given. Cadet Amanda Ambrogi of George Mason University then gave the cadet creed.

Later, 16 cadets were given CIET cadet awards in appreciation for their hard work in the Cadet Summer Training at Fort Knox. Among the awards were the Bold Leader Spirit Award given to Quensie J.Brown of Western Kentucky University, the AUSA Warrior Spirit Award given to Nigel B. Isaac of Georgia Military College and many more.

Brigadier General Darrell Guthrie later gave the cadets the Reviewing Officer’s Address. In this speech Guthrie reiterated to the family and friends what challenges the cadets faced these past 29 days and its importance. “This is the end of the beginning of our cadets’ journey in training in becoming future officers,” he said.

He then left the cadets and their families with parting encouragement, “the strength of our nation is our army, the strength of our army is our soldiers, and the strength of our soldiers are our family,” he said.

Cadets then concluded the ceremony with the pass in review, as family members stood in applause and together sang the army song.


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