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U.S. Army Joins Forces with Atropia

By: Adrienne Vititoe

This report has been assembled by way of a real interview concerning a fictional scenario. Supreme General Ziad, Atropia, Arianna and SAPA are simply fictitious, compiled to better prepare cadets for possible future situations. Supreme General Ziad spoke during CIET first regiment’s “Road to War” brief Thursday. CIET cadets are not actually going to war this week; they will finish out their training at Fort Knox as planned.


The pot has been simmering for quite some time now, and it has finally boiled over.

Thursday Supreme General Amir Ziad of the country of Atropia spoke with the United States Army personnel about assisting in the fight against the insurgent group SAPA (South Atropian People’s Army) from the neighboring country of Arianna.

Supreme General Ziad stands as leader of Atropia's Army.

Supreme General Ziad stands as leader of Atropia’s Army.

Ariannan forces invaded southern Atropia six months ago under the pretext of humanitarian aid, but with the actual intent of seizing the area’s prized oil and gas reserves. Now half of the country is occupied.

“The invasion of my country was very horrible and the United Nations saw fit to create a coalition force to fight the enemy from the country of Arianna,” Ziad said.

Atropia is a majority-Christian, English-speaking nation, so Ziad and his Commander Wilson feel that U.S. soldiers should adjust relatively easily and find support from Atropian civilians and police.

“Once U.S. Forces come into the country, we don’t see any issue with them interacting with Atropian soldiers or civilians,” Wilson said. “They’re very Western-leaning. We don’t see a huge cultural gap between Atropia and U.S. forces.”

Commander Wilson shakes hands with Supreme General Ziad.

Commander Wilson shakes hands with Supreme General Ziad.

Of course in a situation such as this there are more pressing matters than cultural cohesion to consider, but Ziad said he feels confident the Atropia-U.S. coalition will succeed over SAPA.

“With the experience of the United States Army’s fight in Iraq and Afghanistan, I believe they have the tactics and procedures to assume good control of the area and I believe they will have an advantage over SAPA forces,” Ziad said. “We’d just like to thank President Obama for his military support and [my soldiers] are very proud and honored to fight alongside the great American Army. I believe our cause is just and victory will soon be here.”

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