Basic Camp

From Disneyland to Fort Knox

Story by Whitney Allen

U.S Army Photo by Melissa Scott.

U.S Army Photo by Melissa Scott.

Cadet Frank Holiday soared through his physical fitness test, finishing near the top of his company in the two-mile run. Of course, someone has to lead the group but it isn’t always 30-year-old among young college students doing so.

Cadet Holiday is an ROTC student at the University of Memphis and a cadet of the 2nd Regiment of LTC.

If there were such a thing as an ordinary cadet, Frank Holiday would not be among them. Prior to his entry into the ROTC program Cadet Holiday toured Europe and the states as a performer, attended a performing arts college, and was a performing Tigger at Disneyland in California.

Although he is only in the beginning phases of his military career, Holiday exuberates passion for what’s to come.

“I know what I want to do and I’ve lived life, I’ve had different jobs,” Holiday said.

Holiday’s optimism for the future comes as no surprise to Master Sgt. Jimmy Smith, the senior Military Science Instructor at Memphis University. “He has an infectious personality, he’s very positive,” Smith said.

Holiday considered enlisting in the military after high school, but instead he took a much different route. As he now prepares to become an officer in the Army, Master Sgt. Smith has nothing but high hopes for the cadet.

“He’s a lead-by-example personality, a lot of people talk and direct but he is a physical example,” Smith said. “That’s a good quality for a leader.”

Although working with people is one common variable from Disneyland to Fort Knox, it is quite a jump in career paths, but certainly not a random one for Holiday.

Holiday spent the first ten years of his life in Japan with his parents who are Marines.

U.S. Army Photo by Melissa Scott

U.S. Army Photo by Melissa Scott

“The military has been in my life since I was little,” Holiday said. “I was probably doing push-ups before I could walk.”

With a diverse work background, Holiday eventually found himself in Tennessee at the University of Memphis. He spoke with the cadre on campus and decided to join the program and pursue becoming an Army officer.

With that being said, the former Tigger, traveling performer, and now ROTC student is preparing to make the jump into military life.

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