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LTC Cadre Anticipate LDAC Training

By: Whitney Allen

While a typical Army ROTC Cadet Summer Training cycle is 29 days, a number of cadets will get a double dose.

Cadets Jake Greenwald, Kelsey Coon, and Charlotte Coolidge are assigned to positions in the Leadership Training Course. Following their stint as junior leaders with the new cadets they will progress to their own advanced cadet training to qualify as officers in the Army.

The Leadership Development and Assessment Course, or LDAC lasts 29 days. The training will emphasize team building and leadership development. Upon completion of LDAC, cadets will be evaluated based on their performance.

The Leadership Training Course, or LTC, consists of classroom and field training that will develop a cadet’s leadership abilities.  After completing LTC, cadets will qualify for the ROTC Advanced Course on their campus.

LTC is basically a condensed version of Basic Training or JROTC, Cadet Greenwald said.

Cadet Coolidge is in the ROTC program at St Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas. Coolidge said there are both pros and cons to working with LTC training prior to her own LDAC training, but it is mostly a positive thing.

“We’ve been out here in the field, we already have that super motivated hard charging attitude. We’re ready to go,” Coolidge said.

Summer break is short lived for these cadets. Following her finals week, Cadet Coolidge went through “Warrior Week” with her ROTC program. This week helps the cadets to prep for the LDAC training to come.

Once she completes LDAC training, Coolidge will then go to Annual Training with her Army Reserve unit. Following her Annual Training, she will participate in “Week Zero” training with her ROTC unit at St. Mary’s. All of that adds up to ten weeks of training with the Army this summer.

The paths of these cadets have varied.

Cadet Greenwald completed Basic Training before his senior year in high school, and then spent time in the Army National Guard as an engineer. Greenwald then decided he wanted to see the other side and is now hoping to become a chaplain.

Cadet Coolidge previously went through LTC. Cadet Coon spent her high school career in ROTC and volunteered to be a cadre member this summer.

“I thought it would help me before LDAC, getting back in that mindset,” Coon said. “I’m really glad that I did it. I get to see the other side before I get to go be graded.”

Assisting with LTC training is only the beginning of a summer filled with training for these cadets.

“It’s go, go, go,” Coolidge said. “But this is the Army and that’s what we signed up for.”

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