Basic Camp

2nd Regiment Arrives

By Whitney Allen

Cadets arrive eagerly to begin their Leadership Training

Cadets arrive eagerly to begin their Leadership Training US Army photo by: Melissa Scott

The pace is picking up at Fort Knox with Cadet Summer Training. The 2nd regiment of LTC arrived at the airport on June 13th. They arrived just in time to celebrate the Army’s 239th birthday, which is tomorrow, June 14. The Leadership Training Course, or LTC, is a combination of classroom and field training, at which cadets will each be given opportunities to play leadership roles within their squads and platoons. Upon completion of LTC, cadets will not only have gained leadership skills and experience, but also an indication of their personal compatibility with the military and future as an Army officer. Cadets piled onto school buses to head to Fort Knox and begin in-processing. One of the first cadets to arrive was Cadet Reale Heyward, an ROTC student at Bowie State University.

Cadets line up to take their seat on the bus to Fort Knox

Cadets line up to take their seat on the bus to Fort Knox US Army photo by: Melissa Scott

Heyward joined ROTC to help pay her college tuition. She hopes to enter the Aviation branch upon joining the Army. “I’m excited; it’s good to finally be here as opposed to waiting in anticipation,” Heyward said. The cadets displayed a variety of emotions from nervous anticipation to excitement. Marquise Robinson is an ROTC student at Jackson State University. Robinson admitted although he was nervous about the training ahead, the nerves weren’t necessarily a bad thing. “I would rather be nervous than know everything– then it wouldn’t be fun,” Robinson said. “This is all new to me.” Drill Sergeant Jonathan Shealy will lead the cadets’ training. His goal is for the cadets to gain an understanding of Army values and warrior ethos during their 29-day training. “If they choose to continue with their training in the Army then they will understand that they have huge boots to fill with past and present soldiers,” Shealy said.

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