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Foxtrot Cadets share family bond

Twin sisters Tamera, left, and Tamira Sims support each other during their training with Foxtrot Company at LTC. Photo by Rebecca Thompson.

Twin sisters Tamera, left, and Tamira Sims support each other during their training with Foxtrot Company at LTC. Photo by Rebecca Thompson.

By Matthew Langston
Leader’s Training Course

Cadets attending the Leader’s Training Course spend one month sharpening their leadership skills, being challenged on a daily basis and working as a team to complete tasks. Another test is presented in being away from family for that extended amount of time, with limited contact each day.

However, for two Foxtrot Company Cadets, the burden of being disconnected from loved ones isn’t nearly as great.

Tamira and Tamera Sims, both 21-year-old students at Southern University and A&M College, are more than members of the same company. They are twins who keep each other on the right track, continuing that approach with LTC.

Extra support is a benefit the twins agreed as being a bonus to having a family member so close during the training. They provide encouragement to each other through every event, always providing reassurance in tough situations.

“She’s there when I need her, and she keeps me in line,” said Tamira, who is in 4th Platoon. “Whenever I’m slacking, she picks me up.”

Strengthening an already concrete bond is something Tamera said will undoubtedly come from the course as they strive to complete it together. She said being able to see her sister at the end of a long day is revitalizing, knowing they are both one day closer to completing LTC.

“It’s a refreshing feeling to see her after I’ve done my day and she has done her day,” said Tamera, who is 3rd Platoon.

Before attending the course, Tamera said she had many doubts about being at Fort Knox. Physical training and having to rise early every day were thoughts that made her start to reconsider attending at all.

While trying to decide whether she wanted to be here, Tamera said her sister told her LTC was something they must attempt together, or she too would refrain from participating. Hearing her sister’s choice depended on her own action, Tamera began to work harder, making the decision to support her sister and make this summer a team effort.

“The thing was that she would not go unless I would go,” Tamera said. “That pushed me to do better in PT and everything so we could go together.”

Another influence came from their older sister, Mezekiel, who is in the Army and is being deployed this month to Afghanistan. Mezekiel told the twins the Army was a great place to be and knew if she lived the Army lifestyle, they could as well. Their parents were also supportive of their decision to come to Fort Knox, encouraging Tamera and Tamira to do their best and push through to the end.

“They’re proud because they see the influence from our other sister,” Tamira said.

The sisters said LTC was an experience that would allow them to become better communicators and leaders, taking what they learn and putting it toward their future goals. Those goals include Tamera attending medical school after college and Tamira pursuing a degree in physical therapy.

As they continue to work toward completing LTC and learning as much as they can, they are also working to fortify the bond that brought them here in the first place.

“That’s just how we are,” Tamera said. “If we’re going to do it, we are going to do it together and do it wholeheartedly.”

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