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Delta Cadet leaves career in New York for Army dream

Cadet Nigel Brooks of Norfolk State University completes the 10K march that marks the end of the Warrior Leader phase of LTC. Photo by Jeremy Aaron.

Cadet Nigel Brooks of Norfolk State University completes the 10K march that marks the end of the Warrior Leader phase of LTC. Photo by Jeremy Aaron.

By Sydney Callis
Leader’s Training Course

Living among the bright lights and constant movement of the metropolis, Nigel Brooks had finally achieved his dream of working in New York City.

“Working in New York was a dream of mine I’d had since I was young,” Brooks said. “There’s so much stuff to do all the time, and there’s never a dull moment.”

When Brooks, currently a Delta Company Cadet at the Leader’s Training Course, graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University, he knew he was going to pursue a job in communications.

After an almost two-month internship with a company in New York City turned into a job, Brooks began working for an advertising firm. For three years, he managed different accounts, ranging from pharmaceutical advertisements to bank advertisements.

He lived in the bustling city and loved the 24-hour movement. However, Brooks felt it was time to accomplish another dream: joining the military.

“I realized I wanted to do more,” he said. “I’ve always felt the calling to join the military, but I wasn’t sure of the opportunities out there for me because I still wanted to work in communications. I wanted to do a little bit more, a little bit extra.”

Influenced by his mother’s public relations career with the Marine Corps and Coast Guard, Brooks left his life in New York City and returned to Virginia to attend Norfolk State University, where he is pursuing a master’s degree in journalism with a concentration in public relations.

“She inspired me, talking about all the great things she does like sharing the message and shaping the good image of the military, and I definitely thought that was something I wanted to pursue and something that would be interesting,” said Brooks, who wants to eventually get into public affairs/relations for the Army.

Lorraine Brooks, his mother, said she’s proud to be Nigel’s inspiration for deciding to join the military, and Nigel has always had great communication skills, and not just because she’s his mother.

“Ever since he was a little kid, at a very, very young child, he would talk to anybody about anything,” Lorraine said. “He could walk into a room and feel at home. He would feel like there’s something there for him to learn and something for him to contribute.”

With his father, mother and grandfather all serving in the military, from the Marine Corps, the Navy, the Army and Coast Guard, Brooks was raised to respect the armed forces and the men and women serving.

“He realizes how important communication is and getting the correct message across,” Lorraine said. “In the case of the military, it’s important to get across to taxpayers how well their money is being spent and what service members are doing to ensure their safety and the safety of America.”

Before committing to one branch, Brooks used his family’s diverse military background as a base to begin researching into the different branches of the military.

“The Army had the best possibilities and most opportunities for me,” Brooks said. “When I was talking to different branches, the Army really followed up and made sure I had all the information. They reached out to me. It seemed like they cared about me.”

Proud of the Army lifestyle and history, Brooks is using his time at the training course to prepare for his future in the Army.

“I want to be in that uniform, and I want to feel that,” Brooks said. “It’s time to accomplish another dream.”


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