Options Abound: CIET Cadets Discuss Future Army Careers

Hollywood leads many to believe that all Soldiers are destined for immediate active duty. Film directors may take license to push the borders of reality through war movies over the last few decades, but cadre at the Reserve and National Guard briefing on June 10 sought to provide information and shed light on all of the true paths that ROTC cadets can explore in their futures. Only about 40 percent of all ROTC cadets qualify for active duty positions after graduation, according to Lt. Col. Donna McDermott, Assistant Chief of Staff (ACoS) for the Army National Guard.
The Biggest Winner

Dedication, motivation, and drive are words often used to describe the members of the United States military. However, they are not often used to describe college-aged civilians. Kasper Strzeciwilk is the incredible exception to this rule. Currently, Kasper is a contracted cadet, but he only managed that feat a mere four months ago on the last possible day to contract. All his life, Kasper had been overweight. Looking at him now, and one would not have ever guessed that. Why? All because of the power in himself, and his determination to join the world’s greatest military land force.
Cadets Learn Virtual Marksmanship

Cadets in summer training at Fort Knox, Ky. took to the Electronic Skills Training (EST) course on Thursday afternoon to start mastering the craft of marksmanship. The training was all virtual—so no real weapons were used—instead, there were large screens and prototype M-16 rifles, along with some other life-like warzone scenarios and sets. The simulation center was full, with about 100 Cadet Initial Entry Training (CIET) cadets—many of whom had never seen a rifle, let alone shoot one.
The One Percent

Nerves, complimented by smiles, were prevalent as the first regiment of cadets began to file their in-processing paperwork in order to begin their Cadet Initial Entry Training (CIET) at Fort Knox, Ky. this summer. Many of the cadets on base this summer will be rising seniors, completing their Cadet Leader Course (CLC). However, cadets in CIET are typically those who are either officially contracted with the military and did not attend basic training, or are just here this summer to see “if the shoe fits.”

The Cadet Initial Entry Training (CIET) is the premier leadership program of its kind in the United States. An intense four-week introduction to Army life and leadership training of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, the aim of the course is to motivate and qualify Cadets for entry into the Senior ROTC program. CIET, as it's known, is designed for college students, typically between their sophomore and junior years. Upon successful completion of the course, graduates can take part in ROTC at their college as a third-year student in the four-year program.

While attending CIET at Fort Knox, Ky., Cadets gain an experience that runs the gamut of Army life and the responsibilities of being an officer. The course instills confidence and decision-making abilities to become a leader, in the Army and in life.Cadets spend their first few days learning Army basics under the tutelage of drill sergeants. They also take their first Army Physical Fitness Test, which consists of sit-ups, push-ups and a two-mile run. Shortly after the course begins, Cadets are introduced to working in a small-group team-based dynamic in activities such as an obstacle course to accomplish set goals.

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Fort Knox residents participate in first blood drive of the summer

29 Jun , 2015  

Katie McGuire This weekend was the start of the annual blood drive the Armed Services Blood Program puts on every year at Fort Knox, KY during Cadet Summer Training. The ASBP is designed to serve the United States Army, Air Force, and Navy servicemen who are in need of it. LTC Corley, Deputy Director of …Read More

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Cadet honors father by living out his dream

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CIET First Regiment Wrapping Up

27 Jun , 2015  

Cadet Horn searches 2nd Lt. Schoenfeld who is posing as an Atropian guide.

By: Adrienne Vititoe First regiment CIET cadets have been training at Fort Knox for three weeks now, and they have a lot to show for it. From inside the “war zone,” they shared with Cadet Command Public Affairs what they’ve been learning: Cadet Sarah Laney – Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville: “What I’ve learned mostly …Read More

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Virtual Training Yields Real Results

23 Jun , 2015  

CIET cadets learn about VBS3.

By: Adrienne Vititoe Battles were raging inside two modest, inconspicuous brick buildings over the weekend as CIET First Regiment got a final dose of preparation before heading out to the field for a week. Cadets were given the opportunity to experience two combat simulation systems: Dismounted Soldier Training System (DSTS) and Virtual Battle Space 3 (VBS3), …Read More


Cadets participate in grenade training

23 Jun , 2015  

Third regiment CIET cadet Loren Parker, of Howard University, throws a dummy grenade from a kneeling position at a practice station at the Christansen Hand Grenade Assault Course on Monday, June 22nd, 2015. Cadets rotated about a variety of stations and outdoor classrooms related to hand grenades and their identification and implementation in combat.
U.S. Army Photo by William Kolb

By Katrinia McGuire   Rain didn’t stop the Cadet Initial Entry Training Third Regiment  yesterday in their next step in training at the Christensen Hand Grenade Assault Course. The cadets faced the rain and began the day with an orientation on how the training would unfold. Cadets were then split up in to platoons and …Read More

Cadet Spotlight

The Biggest Winner

20 Jun , 2015  

"Kasper Strzeciwilk from Stony Brook University in New York lost 85 pounds so that he could be able to join the ROTC program and come to Fort Knox for Cadet Initial Entry Training. U.S. Army photo by Matt Lunsford. June 16, 2015."

By: Emily Mulcahey Dedication, motivation, and drive are words often used to describe the members of the United States military. However, they are not often used to describe college-aged civilians. Kasper Strzeciwilk is the incredible exception to this rule. Currently, Kasper is a contracted cadet, but he only managed that feat a mere four months …Read More

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Cadet who survived Hurricane Katrina continues to conquer obstacles in training

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By: Tiamoyo Harris As CIET Cadet Glenda Blanche, 20, held unto the rope of the rappel tower, she hesitated for a moment. Afraid of heights, she began to cry. She was in the midst of a meltdown. Her battle buddy, CIET Cadet Aaliyah Blanding, who also is afraid of heights, called to Blanche who was …Read More

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U.S. Army Joins Forces with Atropia

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Commander Wilson shakes hands with Supreme General Ziad.

By: Adrienne Vititoe This report has been assembled by way of a real interview concerning a fictional scenario. Supreme General Ziad, Atropia, Arianna and SAPA are simply fictitious, compiled to better prepare cadets for possible future situations. Supreme General Ziad spoke during CIET first regiment’s “Road to War” brief Thursday. CIET cadets are not actually …Read More

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Tried and True Army Tradition Meets 2015 Innovation at its Finest

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By: Mariyah Wojcik FORT KNOX, KENTUCKY (June 15, 2015) – In the course of a radical paradigm shift, it is often vital to consult those minds that came before. As fundamental changes to Cadet Summer Training (CST) take effect, retired Army officers and non-commissioned officers (NCOs) are invited to participate in the Cadet Command Strategic …Read More


CIET third regiment learn drill and ceremonies

16 Jun , 2015  

Drills & Ceremonies

By: Katie McGuire   Cadets of the 3rd Regiment Cadet Initial Entry Training spent the morning practicing drill and ceremonies, an essential part in developing leadership in the future officers of the United States Army. After splitting up into their squads they began the training with the basics of marching turns movements and foot placement. …Read More