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Leadership Started Early for this Cadet

12 Aug , 2014   Video

Cadet Rachel Botoulas led the color guard at 6th Regiment LTC’s graduation August 12. Learn more about her compelling story that got her to this point.


The Final Graduation

12 Aug , 2014  

LTC 6th Regiment's Commander of Troops for their graduation ceremony stands at attention in front of the color guard.
US Army Photo By Erica Lafser

By: Alex Mclaughlin FORT KNOX, Kentucky– Leader Training Course Regt. 6 cadets were given a just reward for their efforts at Cadet Summer Training. One day before graduation, they were able to spend time with families and reflect on what they have learned at LTC. LTC Regt. 6 is the last group of cadets to …read more

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India and Juliet Graduate with Bright Futures

8 Aug , 2014  


India and Juliet Companies graduate with bright futures ahead Kayla Boyd Although the sky was overcast and rain threatened to put a damper on the ceremony, family and friends attending the 5th Regiment of the Leader Development Course had high morale, anxiously awaiting the release of their cadets. Precipitation held off as Col. Brian Mennes …read more


Squad STX Teaches Lessons, Shows Value in Repetition

3 Aug , 2014  

John Carroll University cadet Daniel Aslakson, right, University of San Francisco cadet Craig Asberry, middle, and University of Puerto Rico cadet Adrien Arguelles prepare to breach the enemy house during their squad sticks training. PHOTO BY HARRISON HILL

Squad STX teaches lessons, shows value in repetition Kayla Boyd Even in the early stages of a military career, Leader Training Course cadets are wary of wide open spaces. More specifically, they’re guarded when it comes to fields in which they have no cover and can be spotted from far distances. Ken Harris, an evaluator …read more


LTC Regiment 4 Completes Cadet Summer Training

28 Jul , 2014  

LTC 4 Graduation

by DeJanay Booth Photo By: Josh Newell The sun shined as friends and family joined at Brooks Field for the celebration of Leader Training Course (LTC) Regiment Four.  Cadets in the regiment graduated from their 29-day Cadet Summer Training on Friday, July 25. In formation, the cadets stood at attention as the 113th Army Band …read more


Five Days of Storytelling

27 Jul , 2014  

STX Training

By: De’Janay Booth Photo By: Josh Newell Cadets of the Leader Training Course (LTC) fourth regiment spent five days in the woods for the Squad Situational Training Exercise (STX). Lt. Col. Al Roach, the officer in charge of STX from the University of Florida in Gainesville, said the training encourages leadership, adaptability and confidence, and …read more


A day at the gas chamber

22 Jul , 2014  

Cadets wait their turn inside the CRBN chamber to remove their masks during Army ROTC Cadet Summer Training at Ft Knox, Kentucky.  PHOTO BY JOSH NEWELL

  by DeJanay Booth Feature Photo by Josh Newell At 7 a.m., Spc. Sean Kindle, from Fort Bliss, Texas, and other cadre members unloaded the boxes of equipment from the military cargo truck.  The cadre stacked the boxes next to each other so the cadets could grab what they needed and set up the teaching …read more


Conquering Fears and Trusting Equipment

22 Jul , 2014  


Conquering fears and trusting equipment: all in a day’s work Kayla Boyd Cadet Matthew Lumia of Valley Forge Military Academy & College in Wayne, Pa. didn’t really know what to expect of the gas chamber at Leader Training Course. But he did know that he was scared. “What do I expect?” the Juliet Company cadet …read more


Siblings in Service

18 Jul , 2014  

By Tanner Cole Today, July 18th, Shantoya Wiley graduated from the Leader Training Course in the 3rd Regiment. Her brother, Carlos Wiley, graduated from the Leader Development and Assessment Course just a few weeks prior. Shantoya entered the course directly after graduating high school. She’ll begin her ROTC classroom curriculum as a freshman this year …read more


Cadets overcome old fears and make new friendships

18 Jul , 2014  

Photo by Melissa Scott

By Whitney Allen Feature Photo by Melissa Scott After 29 days, the cadets of the 2nd Regiment of Leader’s Training Course have completed LTC training and graduated with both a sense of unity and accomplishment. Following graduation, the cadets were all smiles but there was no denying the challenges the weeks leading up to graduation …read more